Associazione dei Ristoranti della Buona Accoglienza

Established in 1992, the Associazione dei Ristoranti della Buona Accoglienza of Venice sprang from a shared passion of small, family run restaurants for Venetian food and wine culture, with the aim of safeguarding and promoting the remarkable specialties produced in the lagoon area.

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Sixteen Restaurants, the same idea

Respect for traditional methods and recipes, their original interpretation and a constant attention to quality and seasonality of the products are the ingredients that guarantee the great variety of choice and first-class cuisine throughout the year.

For Venice

The Association promotes and sustains the culture and economy of the territory, encouraging small local producers and becoming guardian of Venetian gastronomic tradition.

For you

From a typical trattoria to a more sophisticated restaurant, whether you are in one of Venice’s quarters or on one of its islands, you will always find a pleasant and friendly setting where the atmosphere and the care with which you are served will be ever present throughout your journey to discover this tale.

Water and earth: an extraordinary region

Fish and shellfish from the lagoon and neighbouring Adriatic sea; fruits and vegetables from the islands of S. Erasmo and Vignole, as well as from the Cavallino and Treporti coastal farmlands; the selvadego or migratory game birds that use the barena (sandbars), surrounded by the stillness of the lagoon waters, for a break in their autumn journey towards warmer lands: ducks, ciossi (widgeons), salsegne (teals), coots and many more. An exceptional diversity that is reflected in their taste and its multiple nuances.


Seasons in the kitchen

Today, nearly all food products can be found on market stalls in every month of the year: they are shipped from every corner of the earth, giving us the illusion that they are always “in season”.

However, for a cuisine to be truly connected to its land and for it to knowingly use and promote the best products, it must respect and be aware of the seasonality of each product.

For every period of the year, the sea, the lagoon and its islands offer specific products that are the fruit of fishing and farming methods sinking their roots in this land’s traditions and values. Exquisite fruits and vegetables in spring and summer; selvadego (game meat) in autumn; and fish, present on the market according to natural cycles that bring the different species to the lagoon to breed or to move from the Mediterranean Sea to the Upper Adriatic Sea.

So, for example, squid are found between March and May, go (gobies) between the end of winter and the beginning of spring, bisati (eels) between September and December and the delicious moeche (soft-shell crabs) in spring and autumn.

These are all delicacies whose origin and quality are guaranteed by the experience of local consumers who are perfectly aware of when the vegetable gardens of Sant’ Erasmo have ripening tomatoes, budding castraure (first artichokes of the year) or when the masanete (female crabs) are rich in coral (eggs), making them so delicious to eat.


For information and reservations please contact each partner privately through their website


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